Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | August 31, 2015

A Book I’m Pre-ordering

I usually won’t pre-order a book.  In the case of The Promise in Plan B, my order is already on file with Amazon. The book won’t actually be available until September 15th.

When Plan A, our original pathway that we’ve expected to take us to the finish line fails. We cannot allow it to let us fall.  We must have a fallback position. Following is a synopsis from the publisher, Shorehouse Books.

Donna Cavanagh

3104 Shirlene Rd

Eagleville, PA 19403




Mary I. Farr Offers Inspiration and Hope with The Promise in Plan B

(St. Paul) – Life offers us plenty of opportunities. We construct our life plan—our Plan A, but life is never so simple.  It tests us with setbacks, dead ends, hellos and good-byes. To put it simply: Sometimes, we get stuck. However, The Promise in Plan B (Shorehouse Books, 2015) confronts fears about these changes and obstacles and encourages readers to develop a new life path.

“It strikes me that living Plan A falls into the category of urban legend. Rarely do we meet someone whose life has followed a blessedly predictable path to success and happiness,” notes author Mary I Farr, a retired pediatric hospital chaplain, teacher, and motivational speaker who has devoted more than 30 years to exploring the worlds of hope, healing and humor. “Yet we tend to label each stumbling block we encounter along the way as a personal flop. We (or perhaps the culture that surrounds us) often view upsets and do-overs as results of our ineptitude, a failure to properly manage goals. I’m convinced that this reaction to a disrupted life is frequently inaccurate and nearly always unhelpful.”

Farr changes that perception in The Promise in Plan B which is grounded in the reality that life tends to be a series of interruptions, and we each possess a wealth of resources to initiate, investigate, and recreate the way we travel through our shifting courses. Unlike predictable job skills, these resources emphasize resilience, courage, imagination, humor, curiosity, and more.

Farr includes personal stories and profiles of people from all walks of life who have faced challenges, despair and unforeseen obstacles but in the midst of the turmoil recognized their Plan B. The Promise in Plan B explores themes of grace and gratitude seasoned with a generous dose of wit. Each chapter includes a Consider This section which contains questions and observations designed to encourage readers to open their hearts to new ideas. Farr also added journaling pages at the end of the book for those who would rather explore their reflections solo.

Noah Vail, Farr’s well-known equine alter ego whose book Never Say Neigh has garnered numerous accolades is also present in The Promise in Plan B.

“Noah Vail has always been about determination and never giving up,” Farr explains.  “He is comforting, funny and inspirational in his own right, and a perfect addition to this book.”

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Farr completed her divinity studies in the Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire, Wisconsin where was ordained to the permanent diaconate in 1983. She received her Master of Arts degree from St. Catherine University in her hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. She is the author of five books including the critically acclaimed If I could Mend Your Heart and Peace: Intersections Small Group Series.     new mary image

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