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  1. Hi Thomas

    Got your tweet, but Twitter won’t let me reply until you’re following me. I’d be honored to be interviewed by you. I wrote a book called Building a Midshipman that probably has good synergy with your background. I’d like to return the favor. I have a blog called USNA or Bust (http://usnaorbust.wordpress.com) that deals with life in the military. You would provide a fascinating story of life after military–especially with your Green Beret background. Let me know.

  2. Hi there,

    For some time now I’ve been following and studying a large number of authors’ websites and blogs. Some are excellent, clean and concise, with masses of superb information for reader and authors alike.
    Now of course I have no idea without going to a huge amount of trouble and time to check out every site with regard to reader response/following/numbers of clicks and referrals.

    But what I have noticed is that most sites are nor linked in any way to very many other relevant sites. And we all know – we’ve read the posts from companies extolling the virtues of SEO and link-exchange, but very few of us authors actually get round to finding the time to DO IT!

    In the link below (which I am still busy setting up) I invite you to please write to me with your links to your web/blog. I will put them on my site and create a link back to YOU. All I ask is that you please reciprocate and link your site to mine.

    At the moment I am having between 400-700 hits a day, so I think your own hits will go up – as will mine!

    As hardworking, dedicated and mostly Indie authors we owe it to ourselves to get as much feedback and referrals from as many places as possible.

    Please help me to help YOU!

    Thanks for reading this and if you want to pass this on to another hard working and deserving writer please do so.

    Have a great day everywhere and here’s to more success!

    This is the link under construction:



    Faith Mortimer’s novels can be found at

  3. Hi Virginia, I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Find out more here: http://vickiemckeehan.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/and-the-blogger-award-goes-to/?preview=true&preview_id=883&preview_nonce=049e007c69

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