Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | March 16, 2015

More Song Lyrics

I note that I’ve not published every day as I’d hoped. Today’s offering is the third (final) verse of a song titled Trust Me.

Much of the imagery comes from Psalm 23. This has never been performed in public, but the first two verses were performed, several years ago, before my Mother passed away, and dedicated to her and my Father. This verse came quite a bit later.


When my courage falters, I listen for His voice,

knowing He will comfort and protect.

Then when I hear him speak, my joy overflows,

for He restores my soul and cares for me.

“Trust Me,” He says,

“Be not afraid.  I am your shepherd, have faith in Me

and follow, though shadows darken the way.

Trust me, just trust me, he says.”


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