Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | December 17, 2014

A New Fable for Christmas – Seventh Installment

This is the final installment in this Christmas Fable.  I hope all who have read it are blessed and have a wonderful Christmas.


As Haman and Jude were on the way back toward Bethlehem, the shepherd boy reminded the angel the angel of his promise.

“Jude, we’ve been walking for hours. I’m not tired, but I am curious. Please tell me what happened with the wise men in Bethlehem.”

The angel was silent for a few seconds, as if listening to unspoken words from far away.

“Haman, the Holy Family is safe now, so I can tell you the whole story. You should know, because of your role. Let’s stop for a few minutes so that you can rest and drink some water.”

They stopped at the edge of a spring and sat in the shade of the trees.

“Haman, the danger was from Herod. What the interpreter, Adiva, told you was accurate. The King is a jealous and dangerous man. He tried to get the magi to find the baby Jesus for him, so that he could destroy the child.”

“Surely Herod must’ve had someone following them as they made their way into Bethlehem. The caravan was large and made no attempt to travel unnoticed.

Jude’s smile was like that of a teacher whose prize student has done well.

“Yes. Herod had spies following the company of the magi. They reported back to him and told him where the Holy Family was located.”

“Are they in danger?”

“No more. The night that you left with the magi’s column, Gabriel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to wake up and take Mary and Jesus to Egypt for safety. He led them on their journey and told them to remain in that country until he came again to let them know that it was safe to go back to Israel.”

Jude paused again. His silence became uncomfortable for the shepherd.

“Jude, is that all the story? Now that the Holy Family is safe we shouldn’t worry.”

“Haman, you should begin to understand the evil that can infect mankind. Your friend, the translator, said that she felt evil when she was in the presence of Herod. She was right.”

“What happened?”

“It’s hard to believe, but when the king learned that the magi had escaped, the became enraged and ordered his soldiers to kill all male children around Bethlehem who were less than two years old,” Jude said.

Haman sat silently for a time, then went to the spring and filled his waterskin.

“Jude, let’s go on. I need to be doing something rather than sitting here thinking about those innocent boys.”

“Yes. As you mature, you’ll see more awful injustices, but the Savior which you saw in the stable has come to give you humans the way to find peace.”

The angel paused.

“You see, Haman, Jesus is the Prince of Peace that Isaiah prophesied and you will see Him again.”


  1. The story came to life very vividly. I enjoyed reading it very much. It was interestingly told just in time to get in the mood for the Christmas season, a wonderful gift to old and young alike.

  2. Thank you, Magdalena. It was a joy to write.

  3. Tom, please send me a copy.

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