Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | December 15, 2014

A New Fable for Christmas – Fifth Installment

This segment is devoted to what is commonly known as “The Adoration of the Magi.”  Just finished an hour or so ago. There’ll be more tomorrow. Remember, “magi” is the plural of  “magus.”


Haman watched the girl, Adiva, as she hurried to the open door of the stable to greet her master, Melchior. She was quick and graceful. Her dark eyes and long, black hair were more obvious, now that dawn had begun the new day.

“Lord Melchior, the child you sought is here, as you’d predicted from watching for His star.”

The astrologer she greeted was tall, with pale skin and dark eyes. His hair was white and fell to his shoulders. He wore a long, full beard.

As he approached Mary and the Christ Child, he removed his cap and bowed. As he did, Adiva stepped forward and held the skirt of his long, gold cape when he knelt. As the man spoke, she translated for Mary.

“We have seen the star of your Son. The miracle of his birth has been fulfilled. My humble gift is this casket of gold coins, for he is, indeed, the King of prophecy.”

As the magus, Melchior, stepped back;  a man of medium height, who wore a green cloak, replaced him. The man had short, brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard.

Although Melchior stepped away from the Holy Child, his gaze never left the wondrous sight. Though her master had moved back, Adiva stayed to translate. She spoke to Mary and Joseph, introducing the second magus.

“This scholar is Caspar, he brings a gift of frankincense to recognize the Christ Child’s deity.”

Caspar didn’t speak, but motioned for Adiva to open the top of a silver cask. When she did, a powerful and sweet scent of the incense spread through the stable.

The astrologer stepped back and stood beside his older companion and both watched as a black man who wore a purple cloak removed his cap and knelt before the Christ Child. Adiva translated his words.

“I am Balthazar. I have come from far way, following the star of the Holy Child. I have brought myrrh, the fragrant oil used for embalming royalty. It is a bitter, but necessary, gift.”

Assistants, guards and others in the company of the magi jostled forward, as Balthazar moved away, for a glimpse of the Holy Child.

Adiva moved close beside her lord and whispered to him. As she did, Haman noticed that she inclined her head toward him. She had told the shepherd that she would make sure that the notable men wouldn’t question his presence.

Indeed, they’d been so overwhelmed by their proximity to the Christ Child that they hadn’t noticed him.

“When you can, ask Adiva where the magi have been and what happened there.” Jude spoke in Haman’s mind.

The three principals walked outside the stable to talk privately and Adiva came to stand beside Haman, who had moved to a corner of the stable away from the door.

“My master is talking to the others. Since they found the Holy Child and offered their gifts, their long quest is complete. They don’t seem to know what to do now,” she said.

“Where have they been before they came to this stable?” Haman said.

“We went to the palace of King Herod. The masters knew of no other place in a strange land. After talking to him, Melchior sent me here to wait for him. Herod has said that he wishes to come and see the baby too, but the scholars have an uneasy feeling about the king.”

“Why?” Haman said.

Adiva looked around her and led Haman out of the stable into an alleyway that led to the back of the inn.

“As I stood beside Lord Melchior to translate, I sensed an evil inside Herod. I hope that the three Masters do not lead him here.”

Before the shepherd could answer, a guard who had been with Melchior called to Adiva in a language Haman didn’t understand.

“I must go. I hope to see you tomorrow. Where will you be?”

“Tell her you’ll still be here.” Jude said.

“If I may, I’ll sleep on the floor of the stable. Look for me in this place.”


  1. The Christmas Story, vividly come to life in beautiful words and color. I felt as if iwas experiencing the manger scene personally, beautifully told. Thanks for sharing this, the greatest story ever told.

  2. This is a wonderfully well written adaptation of what could have happened on the night of
    christs birth. I am awaiting more, but do I need more?

    • The sixth is posted. There’s one more coming.

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