Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | October 29, 2014

An Audiobook Twofer (Free) – Updated

I now have three audiobooks available for your listening enjoyment. The first was Overload, the second was Warrior’s Psalm, and as of last week, V Trooper – First Mission has been added to the list. Up to twenty people can have two of the audiobooks for free!

Go to and sign up — you can drop out at any time you choose— For your FREE book, and initial selection, choose Overload, narrated by Charles Kahlenberg , Warrior’s Psalm, narrated by Shawn Hughes, or V Trooper – First Mission, narrated by Carl Moore.

Begin listening to your book, and when you’ve heard Chapter 1, send a message, Subject: Free Book to Identify the book you chose from Audible and answer an extremely simple question about what you heard. I’ll send instructions and a code so that you can have a second audiobook free, too.

Here’s a thought: with the Holidays coming on—keep one and give the other as a gift. The code I send is not specific to an individual.

Happy freebies!

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