Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | October 24, 2014

A Different Kind of Book with an Unexpected Focus

When my friend, Donna Cavanagh, told me about Phillip Dillman’s book, I had a bit of trouble imagining what the finished product would look like.

I got the book yesterday and finished reading it only minutes ago.  It isn’t a long book, I had technical and logistical difficulties.

The book is well described in the interview at  .   Enjoy the interview and descriptions.

Once I began to read the book, Phillip’s dry humor and his faith came through.  His pastor and congregation obviously love both him and his work.

There are religions in the world that openly state that fun is not a part of their ideology.  Christianity, I think is quite different.

Jesus was a man who people enjoyed hearing and being with.  I can imagine that he smiled and laughed a lot.  Evidence of this is in the second chapter of John’s Gospel.  Jesus and his mother were attending a wedding at Cana.  Yes, this is the miracle of water transformed to wine.  People who are difficult and sour are not the kind of folks who are invited to weddings.

Dillman has, in his book, given us reasons to smile and think about what we read and hear in Christian churches. One often grins and then, before going to the next cartoon, realizes a deeper meaning. Scripture Scribbles often changes the nature of our smile from fun to peace.
Get the book and read it—not once but, frequently. Phillip Dillman had given us a unique insight through his gift. Five happy stars!

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