Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | August 2, 2014

Sample Audio for “Overload”

Charles Kahlenberg will be producing the audiobook for Overload.  When we listened to this sample, we knew he was the producer we wanted for the book. Listen. His website is here:

NEW_OL cover_sniper-3


  1. I am familiar with OVERLOAD having read the book however, I was completely enthralled listening to Charles read it to me.His resonant tone, clear speech and voice inflections bring the scenes and characters to life in your mind. I could easily see the redneck protester who got shot and his whinny daughter in the beginning pages.The writing is masterfully done and now masterfully read. As a writer, I am more than impressed.

  2. Tom,

    Here’s email confirmation of a message in FB messenger re: missing audio files. The package arrived this morning. Missing Ch.14 on Disc 2 and Ch. 53 on Disc 4. Package in good condition.


    Rich Weatherly

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