Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | May 5, 2014

Ideology vs. Technology

I realize, from this moment, that some are going to find this politically incorrect. So be it. I am an American Patriot.  This is my little contribution to the trumpet calls to awareness.


“The West is still battling an ideology with technology.” Dr. Bernard B. Fall, author of Street Without Joy (Stackpole, 1961)

        When I went through the Special Forces  Course at Ft. Bragg (1966), Street Without Joy was one of the books on the list for required reading. I read it then because it was a part of the course, and I wanted to excel.

I also read it because it was (and still is) the definitive text on how the French lost the Indochina war. I knew I was headed for Vietnam.  The opening quote is key to Fall’s analysis. It is also prescient about the nature of insurgencies, past and present.

Today, in the middle months of 2014, America and the West are confronted with an ideology, Islam, that takes its strength from a the idea that there is no distinction between matters of faith and matters of governance. There is Jihad and there is Shari’ah.

Islam is a seventh-century movement whose most radical members are happy to kill themselves and encourage suicide in others, in order to kill nonbelievers, or infidels. There are some who posit that Mohammad never existed, but was created by those in power as a way to justify, with a bogus religion, what they desired.

Westerners, including politicians and some military thinkers, are drenched in the philosophy of freedom. The goal of many overseas military operations is liberating and freeing populations. It has never occurred to many of these people that freedom is not what devout Muslims desire.

I recently saw, on the Internet, a picture of a Muslim demonstrator carrying a sign that said, “We want Islam, to hell with freedom.”

Faced with an enemy—and Islam is, without question, the enemy of free people—whose controlling motivation is inimical and probably not understandable by most Westerners, what is to be done? The enemy has, as its goal, world domination.

History courses in most schools tell us little about the Crusades. There is still violent disagreement in the scholarly community about The Crusades. More about the possible motivation of both sides, later.

Some deride the non-unified military conquests as useless and corrupt. Perhaps. They were filled with people whose motivations were, at best, questionable.

But, they slowed down and, in some cases reversed, the rise and domination of Islam. The message: Christian Crusaders fought Islam with the message of Christianity—sometimes with the edge of a sword—and won.

The Muslims have always despised free societies and allied themselves, in World War II, with Adolph Hitler. There are easily discoverable photos of Der Fuerher with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husayni.   The same Grand Mufti, moved into Berlin during  WWII and is rumored to have visited several of the Nazi Death Camps. Adolph Eichmann, at his trial, denied this, but there are numerous photos of Husayni with Heinrich Himmler, the commander of the Death Camps.

An Israeli historian writes,”[i]n any case, there is no doubt that Haj Amin’s hatred was not limited to Zionism, but extended to Jews as such. His frequent, close contacts with leaders of the Nazi regime cannot have left Haj Amin any doubt as to the fate which awaited Jews whose emigration was prevented by his efforts. His many comments show that he was not only delighted that Jews were prevented from emigrating to Palestine, but was very pleased by the Nazis’ Final Solution.”

The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust devotes more space to Haj Amin than any other figure, except Adolph Hitler.

When the victorious allies swept through Europe, one can say that Christianity had overcome the ideology that was Nazism and, by extension, its partner, Islam—for a time.

When weak-kneed Jimmy Carter failed to challenge Iran for invading the American Embassy and the taking of hostages, his successor, Ronald Reagan—an outspoken Christian—was the signal to the Muslims. They released the hostages, knowing they would be bombed and invaded, otherwise.

Reagan’s ideological influence, as a Christian President, led him to defeat the ideology of Communism. His ringing, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” was the clear call of the Christian ideology of a free people. Communism, in the person of the Soviet Union backed away. The Berlin Wall came down.

Islamists began challenging America and the Christian faith in more than one way. The first attack on the World Trade Center, the bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon and the attack on the U.S.S. Cole were probes. When the Islamists found that there was no powerful response from a U.S. government shackled by political correctness, the 9/11 attacks were inevitable.

We’ve seen government weakness to a degree that would be unfathomable to our Founding Fathers. One example is the massacre at Ft. Hood which D.C. claims was nothing more than “workplace violence.” The fact that Maj. Hasan jumped on a table, yelling “allahu akbahr!” the Arabic (Islamic) words for “God is great!” seems not to have penetrated politically correct government minds.

Islamists and their enablers understand the stakes and constantly seek to distance Americans from Christianity.

We are told, from the current White House, that America is not a Christian Nation. This not a fact and, as usual from this administration, no proof is offered.


Constantly, the ACLU is defending “atheists” who are “offended” by nativity displays and all other things Christian. Why, one may ask, does a tiny minority of people, spend so much time and money battling something in which they don’t believe. Money.  Someone is paying people to be aggrieved because there is a public tableau at Christmas.  Oh, and yes, we shouldn’t, according to them, say “Merry Christmas.”


In Afghanistan, our troops are restricted by Rules of Engagement that endanger their lives.  The allied forces (and they’re shrinking every day to Americans only) must be constantly on guard not to offend Muslims or insult Mohammed or the Koran. No such restrictions bind our enemies.


It is time Americans and those European nations that still have a modicum of freedom, to realize the reality of ideological conflict.


This war—and it is a war—is about ideology. We cannot successfully oppose ideology with technology. We can only win the fight against Islam with Christianity. Christianity is the light of love, hope, freedom and life. Islam is subjugation, intolerance, servitude and death.





  1. This is a powerful essay. Please see fit to forward this to your friends. We must all be aware of what is happening.

  2. Excellent Essay. I had to share it.

    • I’m honored that you’ll share it, Jeff.

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