Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | August 10, 2013

Another Non-Action Scene from A Thriller

This scene, a  non-action scene,  comes from the novella V-Trooper. A soldier in Afghanistan is a vampire.   His commander, a Special Forces soldier who has lost a leg and is in a boring job, sees in Wil Boyd a chance to terrorize the terrorists.

The female vampire who has changed Wil comes to “visit” him.


Wil Boyd was trying to sleep. He’d been on duty until 0800. After a quick breakfast, he went to his quarters, showered and lay on his bed with his eyes closed. He’d put his iPod into the slot of the SoundDock music system to overlay the outside noises and soothe his nerves. The music was classical. But a voice came to him, cutting through music and outside noises as if the speaker had been sitting in the room.

“Wil. Send me your location. Find the exact coordinates and send me an email as soon as you can. I’m at my computer,” the voice was firm, but not demanding.

The voice was Anna’s, the vampire who had transformed him. She’d told him one afternoon, lying in bed in her apartment in the Garden District of New Orleans, about their closeness.

“Wil, we are closer than humans can be. I can speak to you from anywhere. You will learn to do the same to me. Only to me. I transformed you, and you are, in a way, my creation. I love you in a way that unchanged women cannot.”

Boyd got up, booted up his laptop, accessed the Internet and checked the exact coordinates of the base. He sent the coordinates to the email address he shared with Anna. Then he lay back on his bunk, shut his eyes and visualized her. When he’d first met her in a bar, on Decatur Street in the French quarter, he’d thought her pretty. When he saw her in the light of her bedroom, she’d become stunning. Her beauty seemed to grow, as he knew her. Her hair was shoulder-length and a shade too dark to be called red. Her face was oval and her complexion as fair as legendary colleens. She was slender, but full breasted. Her eyes, though, drew him to her as if she’d held his cheeks in both long hands so that he could not look away. Her eyes were green. Not just a shade of blue that mixed to a hazel, the color was that of the deepest swells of far seas.

“Yes. I wasn’t sure at first, but I know this land from days when they called part of it the Silk Road. I knew Balkh and Kabul,” Anna said.

She was there. She stood in Boyd’s cramped room, filling it with her presence and her scent. He rolled off the bed and took her in his arms.

“Anna, how can you be here? ”

“You’ll learn in due time. I can’t remain for long. For humans who haven’t been changed, such travel is impossible. For us, it is possible for a short span of time. My beloved, I need to give you something and explain. Afterward, we can make love in the little time we have.”

She wore a white pleated blouse with a sleeveless gold brocade vest. The brilliant green skirt reached her ankles. Reaching inside the vest, to a hidden pocket, she removed a black leather box the size and shape of a standard deck of playing cards and handed it to Boyd.

“Open it,” she said.

When he had the top flipped back, twelve slender curls of glass protruded from a cushion of black silk.

“What…” he said.
“Pull one of the loops straight up—carefully,” Anna said.
Boyd followed her instruction and found that he was holding a glass crystal bead

shaped like a teardrop. The thin, tapered end curved back toward the rounded globule, forming a curl like the searching tendril of a climbing flower. Inside the crystal was a drop of gleaming deepest crimson. Blood.

“Wil, each of those crystal tears contains a drop of my blood. It will not age or degrade. If you feel the need for human blood, break one of the globules and drip the contents on your tongue. Your hunger will disappear and renewed power will flow through you. Also, if you need to call me, do the same while holding a vision of me in your mind. I will come to you.”

“Anna, I have a vision of you in my mind almost constantly. You have come to me today without blood.”

“Except for those like us, only the crystal blood-gems from this visit are real. Make love to me now and it will be as real as a midnight dream that doesn’t fade,” she said.

Afterward, she was in his arms until he woke. Her scent was on his skin, but beginning to fade. The box of blood-gems lay beside his head, on the pillow. He heard, as from impossible distance, her voice without sound.

“You are my chosen beloved, I will come to you when you need me.


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