Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | May 8, 2013

Lyrics to a Song

This is a bit of a departure for the site. Although I’ve posted poetry here, I haven’t posted any song lyrics.  I’ve written lyrics for several songs, this was the first.  It may have been given to me to help as I was going through a tough period of time. Maybe it’ll help someone else, too.

This song was performed only once, at the Meridianville Baptist Church.  The music, for the first two verses, was composed by my son, Michael and his friend, Mike Roden.  It was, and is dedicated to my parents, Tom and Mary Drinkard. Mother was in a wheelchair, but at least she was able to personally hear the song.

The third verse has never been performed in public.



Fear swirled all about me
like dark and hovering wings.
I stumbled, with no compass
in the night.
Despair had choked my throat,
and I could hardly speak,
so I cried out to Him in silent prayer.

“Trust me, ” He said.
His voice, still and strong,
“Trust me, ” He said.
“Your fears will be gone.
Follow the pathway I’ve lighted ahead,
Trust me, just trust me,” He said.


Like chill and bitter waters,
misery flooded me.
Brothers, sisters falling from my side.
Loneliness lay on my heart
like cold and heavy stone,
until His voice warmed me through my soul.

“Trust me,” He said.
“They’re here with me.”
“Trust me,” He said,
“They’re safe in my arms,
hold out your hand, you’ll touch them through me,
trust me, just trust me, He said.


When my courage falters,
I listen for His voice,
knowing that he’ll comfort and protect.
Then when I hear Him speak,
my joy overflows;
for he restores my soul and cares for me.

“Trust me,” He says,
Be not afraid,
I am your shepherd, have faith in me
and follow, though shadows darken the way,
trust me, only trust me,” He says.


  1. Thanks for sharing lyrics about the real source of comfort.

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