Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | November 26, 2012

Meet Frost, the Protagonist of “Overload”

Amazon has a sample with the first few pages. The Independent Author Network has a sample and a trailer at The following excerpts from the book are among those that help establish Frost.


I’ll bring Frost, if he can come,” I said.

“Great! You’re taking it seriously.  Frost’s a little strange, but he’s good.”


Frost, as Johnny said, is “…a little strange, but good.”  The best at connecting people and events that seemed—to others—to have no relationship. A superb intelligence man, a lethal special operations warrior and almost a friend.  I’m not certain Frost has friends. It was almost as if his name affected his persona—just a bit chilly. Distant.

********* A phone call between Mike, the narrator, and Frost.

“Tomorrow. I’ll call.”

He was gone. I didn’t hear the click.  Frost was like that sometimes—most of the time. He wasn’t rude unless he intended insult, then it was plain.  He was a minimalist with words. Each word or phrase he offered wrapped a thought like paper enclosing a package—good or bad.

*********Sharon, Mike’s office manager speaking of Frost

“He’s friendly, but kinda scary.  He’s kind of dangerous-good-looking.  Really polite and quiet, but when he turns those gray-green eyes on a woman, she gets the idea that he may know what color of panties she’s wearing.”


Her remark about Frost wasn’t unusual. He affected men that way, too—though not with the panties.  Women took his gaze as sexual. Men often reacted by either distancing themselves or being obsequious.

********* Following is an excerpt from a scene in the book. Some of the bad guys have the drop on Frost.


Frost had laid his weapon on the ground and stood with his arms at his sides. He could have been watching football on the TV. He may have shown more concern if it was a tight game.

The man with the AK jerked forward. A spout of red gushed from his throat. He dropped to his knees and then to his face. Dead. There’d been no noise until the rifle clattered to the ground.

The handcuff bearer shifted his attention to see what had happened to his companion. A fatal mistake. Frost moved like an attacking tiger, grabbing the man’s left arm and spinning him around. A blade flashed in the low, green light.


  1. I am loving this book! I just got to start it over the weekend, and as always with your work, I can’t put it down!

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