Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | September 23, 2012

Review of “The Concert Killer”

By chance, I happened on RJ McDonnell’s book, The Concert Killer. I was engrossed and delighted.  Following is my review for Amazon.


If a reader sees the Irish name, Jason Duffy, as a private investigator—the protagonist in a murder mystery book—the cities of New York or Boston would usually come to mind. Not so with RJ McDonnell’s The Concert Killer.  The setting is San Diego.

Other reviewers have summarized the book’s synopsis, so I’ll only address the essential elements of this book for a reader.

There is no subgenre for a Rock and Roll mystery murder novel, or at least, there wasn’t one before McDonnell’s books. He brings an insider’s understanding of the world of popular music concerts into the novel and introduces his readers to situations which otherwise they’d probably never encounter—unless involved in promoting or playing in concerts.

McDonnell’s characters are well-drawn and often provide comic relief. One of them, Cory, is afflicted by Tourette’s Syndrome. His outbursts are “covered” by another memorable character, a German Shepherd.

McDonnell handles dialogue with ease. Conversations move the plot forward effortlessly.

His antagonist calls himself CK (for Concert Killer) is a person whose serial killings are motivated, in his warped mind, by a difficult past and an obsessive father.

If I’ve left those reading this review wanting to know more, that is my purpose. Get a copy of this book and enjoy. Highly recommended.

Five stars!

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