Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | August 18, 2012



Today, August 18 marks four months since the accident that caused my broken leg.

Yesterday, Dr. Hamadian, the surgeon who reconstructed my left tibia told me it was okay to start walking without a cane when I can. He warned me against overdoing the new freedom, but said to begin practicing. I’d been trying a few steps already…

He said I would only need to come back to him if a problem surfaces.

Thank God for his healing power and the way he guided this doctor.

By the way, Dr. Hamadian has a print in his waiting room that gives his patients confidence. The scene is an operating room, and Jesus is standing behind the surgeon with his hand on the doctor’s shoulder.


  1. This is very good news, Thomas! I agree, the picture in this doctor’s waiting room, says it all.

  2. Very nice, Tom. Love the image you painted of Jesus behind the surgeon. Beautiful! And good luck trying out that leg sans cane!

  3. Hello, ran across your blog via twitter. Love how this post touched me on a personal level. I hope you continue to heal via God’s help.

  4. Hello, Thomas.
    Great to hear of your continued progress. Wishing you God’s speed!

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