Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | July 30, 2012

Graduation Day

Today, the fine folks at Therapy Universal in Scottsboro, AL  pronounced me ready to graduate from therapy sessions.  I see my Doctor in about two weeks and expect him to allow me to continue my healing at home.

Today, I walked—not hopped—in the walker frame. Then, I used a cane for the first time.  It wasn’t bad, I just have to get used to the rhythm of when to move which appendage.  The sequence is: with cane in the right hand, move cane and left (injured) leg forward together. Follow with right foot. It’ll take a while to become accustomed to walking in that manner, but the freedom is worth the effort.

Currently, I can drive, but can’t get the walker in and out of the car alone.  A cane? No problem!

My deep gratitude goes to the women at Therapy Universal who have shepherded me (sometimes literally–with a hand on my belt), to this point.

I’m going to miss them, their competence and kindness.  In alphabetical order: Ashley Brandy, Georgia, Renee, and Stacy.  Thank you for your caring help.


  1. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks. I appreciate it. Little steps count.

  2. Another major milestone! Good for you! You will be back to yourself in no time.

  3. RE: Graduation Day… That’s a great milestone and quite an achievement.

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