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Meet Rich Weatherly–Author of “Closed Doors”

Note:At the end of the interview, Rich has provided a blurb with additional information

T. Hello, welcome to Pinnacle Writing, Rich. Tell us a bit about yourself.

R. Thank you, Thomas. I retired a couple years ago from a large corporation. During most of my career, I worked as a technical writer. My most enjoyable role was as a media producer. It allowed me travel across the southwestern states researching for promotional videos and shooting still photos and video.

Early in my career, I served with the US Navy patrolling Micronesia and doing a tour in Vietnam as part of the coastal blockade known as Operation Market Time.

After retiring from the corporate world, I focused my attention on creative writing.

 T. When did you start writing?

R. My first creative writing started during the mid to late 1960s; mostly poems back then. During the intervening years my writing took a technical twist. I started writing fiction in earnest just a year ago, 2011. Since then I’ve started a work in progress, Boundless Honor– historical fiction set in 1835 and the years following. I’m still researching it.

 T. Was there a favorite writing teacher or mentor? Tell us about him/her.

R. I had two great English teachers in high school that inspired an appreciation for good writing and the encouragement to pursue writing as a career. Mrs. Layfield taught English Literature, was a former college professor and one who loved the language. She made numerous trips to the British Isles and enjoyed sharing stories about her research there. Mrs. Layfield brought English Literature to life for me. In social media, I’ve come to appreciate and admire several writers, editors and creative coaches who have served as my mentor.

T. Please tell us about your current book. What is the genre?  Give us a thumbnail sketch.

R. Closed Doors, a Trilogy, published during the summer of 2012. The first story, a novella set in the fall of 2012, deals with the theft of H5N1—virulent bird flu—capsules by gangsters from a lab near Atlanta is a suspense/thriller. CDC investigators pursue suspects on a trail from Atlanta to Sydney, Australia. Protagonists for for the novella and short stories are named Craig. Craig Jr. is featured in the novella, Toxic Situations. My two short stories: Family Secrets and Thrills at the Esplanade Cinema are young adult, literary fiction.

T. Do you have a sequel or prequel in mind or works in progress?

R. Yes, I am planning a sequel to Toxic Situations. This story ended with issues that need to be resolved.

T. What are your writing habits? Are you an outliner or do you write “by the seat of your pants?”

R. I start with a seed idea. With Toxic Situations the idea came after I read a technical paper by Dr. J.J. Brown, a geneticist on the potential risks of research on hazardous biological agents. I outline for a start. After I’ve developed my character profiles and built a scene list, I turn the story over to my characters; that is, I place them in a situation and let them come up solutions. In a sense, I’m and outliner and a pantser.

T. What are your ideas about the future of digital publishing?

R. As much as I’m a lover of printed books, I think the proliferation of digital media is here to stay. Most of us have smart phones and tablets. Many of us also have dedicated eBook readers. I think serious readers will continue to purchase printed books. For a truly special book, I enjoy having a hardback, deluxe leather bound edition.

T. Anything else to share?

R. I’d like to say thank you, for this opportunity to share some of myself, my stories and to promote my book.

T. Thank you for visiting with us.

Rich Weatherly’s Author Blurb

Rich Weatherly’s professional career spanned several decades. Much of that career included technical writing and copy writing. He also worked in media production and corporate photography.

After retiring from the corporate world, Rich focused his attention on creative writing. He continues to work on a series of short stories, and a collection of works that will include poetry, photography and miscellaneous writings.

Rich Weatherly is a descendant of one of General Marion’s militia at the Battle of Cowpens during the Revolutionary War. His maternal Great-Grandmother’s father scouted western Dallas, Country and was numbered among the first 50 families to settle western Dallas, Co., Texas.

Rich is working on an historical fiction novel, Boundless Honor, which begins in the fall of 1835. The story features the Texas Revolution and the Trail of Tears.


  1. Very nice interview. Thank you gentlemen!

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