Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | July 16, 2012

Learning to Walk Again

Today, I went to therapy again.  It was a banner day.  The surgeon had told me I could begin to put weight on my injured leg this past Saturday.  My excellent therapist, Renee, persuaded me to wait until today so that she could help.  After all the exercises, we got the walker. She showed me how, for a time, I would just touch the left foot down to the floor, taking the weight on my arms and shoulders then moving forward with the uninjured right foot and leg.

She put a web belt around my waist so that she could assure my balance and safety.  With each step of my left foot, I felt her lifting the belt.  We walked, slowly but with increasing confidence,  all the way through the therapy center to our car.

For the third time in my life, I’m learning to walk.  The first baby steps I took were just before I was nine months old.  Of course, I don’t remember but, I’m sure my Mother was holding my hand.

Twenty-five years later, my Sensei, the late, great, Edward Takae showed me how to walk, in firm balance, across the Dojo. His instruction proved critical.  I once escaped serious harm, or death, by employing the techniques he had instilled in me.

Today, a talented and caring Therapist, Renee, made sure I could begin to walk again.

Angels come to us in more than one form. I thank God for all of them.


  1. I can see this and I’m grinning ear to ear with joy for you, Tom! I know how great it feels. Congratulations!

  2. This is a big congratulations! A full recovery Is in your future!

  3. Tom, that is awesome news! Congratulations on a huge milestone!

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