Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | July 9, 2012

Laughter–A Great Healer

This is my review of Donna Cavanagh’s book, Try and Avoid the Speed Bumps.

A link for the book is here:


If you need to lighten your mood, get this book and take a couple of the essays twice a day. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and don’t even play the part on TV commercials.

I am a Southerner.  When I think of essays that take everyday events and turn them into  humor that can sometimes make the reader literally laugh out loud—I remember the late Lewis Grizzard.

Donna Cavanagh is not from the South, but she shares with Grizzard the talent of close observation and the ability to find humor in everyday life.  She is an acute observer of human foibles—including her own.  She writes about her family (including her “girls,”—the canine sort) and what they experience in modern society.

The gift of unearthing humor from such disparate sources as a dog fight in the back seat of her car at the Sonic Drive In, to conference call marketing efforts for oxycitocin, the “love hormone,” is a talent to be envied. Cavanagh shares her world through that talent.

I heartily recommend Try and Avoid the Speed Bumps. You’ll have fun! Five Stars.

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