Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | July 1, 2012

Frost is Coming

Sorry if the title makes us long for cooler weather, but I want to introduce a man called Frost. The book is Overload.  It will be available soon, watch for announcements.
The story is narrated by Mike Ferguson, but the enigmatic protagonist is a man known only as Frost.

Descriptions of Frost from the book:

Mike Ferguson is talking with Frost in a phone call.

“Tomorrow. I’ll call midmorning,” he said.

He was gone. I didn’t hear the click.  Frost was like that sometimes—most of the time. He wasn’t rude unless he intended insult; then it was plain.  He was a minimalist with words. Each word or phrase he offered wrapped a thought like paper enclosing a package—good or bad.”

Mike Ferguson’s Administrative Assistant, Sharon, reacts to an upcoming visit by Frost.
“He’s friendly, but kinda scary.  He’s kind of dangerous-good-looking.  Really polite and quiet, but when he turns those gray-green eyes on a woman, she gets the idea that he may know what color of panties she’s wearing,” she said.

Comments from advance readers.

“I had trouble putting it down!!”

“All is smooth and tied together with the greatest of care and intelligence.”

“Great story, terrific characters and an extremely satisfying ending!”

“No dead spots whatsoever…”

“Plenty of action.”

Overload is a story of terrorists coming into America across our Southern Borders.  They bring drugs and suicide bombings with them. A particularly frightening threat comes from a weapon of mass murder.  Frost is able to find connections among seemingly disparate events.  He must find the target and prevent the slaughter.

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