Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | May 9, 2012

Home from Rehab.


There are few words in our language, and probably most others, that carry the emotional impact of that word. It isn’t always, for some, a pleasant word—those sad people who have suffered abuse in their lives may want to leave.

But, for me today, home is a realized destination after twelve days in Rehab. A location as well as the first major marker along the way to full health.  Home is the place that wraps around me like the arms of my wife and would only be a house,  except for her.

Home is also a place where someone won’t knock on my door and immediately enter,, turning on the lights at 5 AM, breezily announcing, “I’ve brought you some ice.”  I don’t remember asking for ice, particularly at that ghastly hour of the morning.  I prefer to start my days a couple of hours later.  I got enough of  crack-of-dawn awakenings in the Army.

Here, I won’t be awakened at 2 and 4 AM by nurses’ aides taking care of my roommate (lights on, loud forced-cheery voices).  Certainly, those overworked women and men were simply doing their jobs, I just wished they could do it in someone else’s room.

Ah, yes—food. Overall, the food in the Rehab facility was good, if sometimes odd. For example, twice in my twelve-day stay we had pancakes and link sausage—for dinner. Good food, but to my tastes, odd.

Cloverdale Manor has an excellent WiFi system. I have no idea where their equipment is located, but for most purposes the signal strength allowed for high-speed downloads and uploads.  Not a quick as my wireless router in the next room, but…

Quiet. No matter how considerate the other residents and staff try to be, in a building with buffed tile floors, everything echoes: voices, cart wheels, scooping ice and TV commercials from the room across the hall. Foam earplugs helped.

Home. The word echoes with deep comfort, soothing as the cuddling of a mother holding a restive child. I’m here. Nerves that seemed to stand on end like quills of a porcupine, lie quiet. Home.


  1. WELCOME HOME Thomas!!!!

  2. phew the Writing Group newbies will be glad to hear you busted out of rehab! Rejoin us when you are 100% able!

    • I’ll be back ASAP. Thanks for the kind words.

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