Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | May 8, 2012

A Potpourri

There are certain people on the Facility staff who make the stay more comfortable and useful. The woman who is my PT(Physical Therapy specialist) plies her expertise as well as anyone can.  She blends compassion for pain and injury with a demanding attitude.

A writer friend brought a large can of mixed, salted nuts. Every time I come back to my bed, I find peanuts on the mattress. Great gesture, I love them for snacks.
Another friend brought a live plant. It sits on the window sill next to a plastic plant that waves its petals in the sunlight. There’s a kind of joy, watching the little guy flap its leaves while the biological plant, with true biological disdain— ignores.

For the first time in many, many years, I’ve been shaving with an electric razor and I’m increasingly  enjoying the experience.   True, it doesn’t shave as closely as razor, but the user doesn’t often get cuts.  I think, when I get home, I’ll alternate the use of the two.  Many thanks to the man who brought it as gift.

I have an appointment, early tomorrow, with the Doctor who performed the surgery. Instead of using sutures, he used staples—twenty-nine—to close the wound. It looks like the teeth of a biker’s leather jacket,  I’m looking forward to putting some pressure on the left leg. I pray that he’ll tell me to go home. I’ve been looking forward to being on my deck watching the water and baby geese.

Posting from home tomorrow, I hope and pray. The 12th edition will be a happy occasion   if I can send from my deck.


  1. I hope/wish/desire as well that you’re writing from home ASAP. Thanks for the lively posts from within.

  2. I hope you are correct in your hopes. Take care.

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