Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | May 1, 2012

Installment Five of the Rehab Journal

The lady who works directly with me for Physical Therapy (PT), has convinced me that the walker is preferable to crutches.  I’d argued about the situation, but she showed me the major reasons: 1) safety 2) easier to get on the potty.  I think the second one was the clincher.

The old saying, “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry,” comes home quickly when getting both legs out of your bed—alone—is a chore.  When transferring from bed to wheelchair to straight-backed chair breaks a sweat, gratitude for what I’ve always taken for granted is a young flower, but will bloom someday soon.

Mystery solved! At least part of it.  My roommate is awakened at least twice each night for what, according to a CNA (Certified Nurse’s Aide) who hasn’t been directly involved, must be an aspiration procedure.  Remember the mini-crane I mentioned that thy used to weigh me? The device is used to lift him from the bed and put him back. The whooshing sound is apparently air used to help him clear his lungs.  He suffered a major stroke and can’t truly speak.  He’s in far, far worse  condition than I.

I suffered a serious injury.  I’ll heal.  Seeing pictures of the car, one would wonder how I lived.  Here’s the story: I wasn’t alone in the vehicle. The car and its safety systems performed their job, but The Lord took care of me.


  1. did you put pictures of the car on fb? I am glad you are doing well. I agree with your nurse about the walker vs crutches. while I have never had to use either my husband did and the crutches hurt his underarms so much. I feel so sorry for your room mate. That must be a horrible existence but God has a reason.
    And yes, God was truly with you in the car.

    • Haven’t put car pics on FB yet. When I get them, I’ll let you know. Thanks for asking.

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