Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | April 30, 2012

An Essential for The Bedridden – Rehab Journal #4

Some months ago, Marge bought an item that has proven essential for one confined to a bed: a backscratcher. This one is, of course, made from bamboo in China.  One end has the little fingers that one rubs over the itchy spot. The other end has small, knurled rollers—I haven’t found a use for them yet.

Reaching those otherwise unreachable spots for a comforting scratch is essential, but wait; there’s more!  The shape of the scratching end and the length of the tool  makes it ideal as a device to retrieve the just-out-of-reach items on the roll-around bedside table.

Keep a good backscratcher around the house. If you go to visit someone in the hospital (or similar facility) take one to the bedridden soul as a gift.

Much more useful than flowers.


  1. great suggestion Thomas. thanks.

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