Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | April 29, 2012

Rehab Journal; Day Three

Therapy.  That’s why I’m in a rehabilitation facility. Saturday’s session focused on “simple” stuff; how to get from bed to wheelchair and back (alone, safely).  Next lesson: how to use a walker.  Looks easy, right?  With one leg immobile it’s harder than I’d thought.  Move the walker six inches, lean in with wrists, press down and slide the good (R) foot forward. Repeat, repeat and repeat. This morning the broken leg doesn’t hurt. The shoulders do.

Patience. A hard thing for me.  Working with it.

Where do these art works on institutional walls come from?  There’s a lithograph ( I think) of a bronze/white Collie lying on a hearth. It’s hanging—a bit crookedly— about four feet from the foot of my bed.  From here, because of the light reflection on the glass, few details are visible.  He/she may have been chewing on a shoe.  Albert Payson Terhune would not approve.  If you’re not familiar with Terhune, he bred Collies at Sunnybrook Farm and wrote numerous books about them. Lad: A Dog  and Bob, Son of Battle, are two that come to mind. Terhune’s book filled many childish hours  with thrilling canine visions.

I suspect the hallways will be filled with visitors, including their kids,  soon.  I’m going to get a nap.


  1. Going to hell in a handbasket? Nope, just to rehab in a wheelchair. Oh Thomas, please do as you are requested to do and get recovered. No, not like the sofa, just get better soon.

    • Hi. Thanks for the wishes and the grin. Cheers!

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