Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | April 17, 2012

Sample from “V Trooper – Second Mission”

Not all of the novella is combat. There are two powerful love themes. Here is an example of one:
Russell walked beside Amanda Bristow to her office in the battalion’s dispensary, which stood in a separate building about two hundred meters behind Russell’s headquarters. Their conversation was companionable and restricted to official business. Boyd wasn’t mentioned.
“Captain Bristow, since we haven’t had a chance to talk since our introductory conversation, why don’t you put up your bag and join me in the dining hall. I can’t promise any special gourmet treats, but we can become better acquainted.”
“Certainly, sir, I’d like that. By the way, unless military protocol forbids; please call me Mandy.”
For the first time in their walk, she turned to face Vic. Her smile brightened the gathering dusk.
“And Mandy, unless we’re in the company of others, where military custom requires it, call me Vic.”
Their dinner in the battalion’s dining hall could have been filet mignon and lobster, or meat loaf. Neither would have noticed.

The sergeant who managed the dining hall watched as the battalion commander and surgeon picked at food and talked until it was time to send the troops in the kitchen home. Finally, he approached their table.
“Sir, is there anything I can get for you or the captain? How was your dinner?” he said.
“No, no Sergeant. We’re just finishing here. Everything was excellent,” Vic said.
“Yes, we were just getting caught up on some business and lost track of time. The food was delicious,” Mandy said.
The two officers scraped their chairs back on the concrete floor to get up. The noise echoed in the almost-empty hall.
As the major and captain headed to the exit, the food services sergeant smiled, wondering why it took so long for the major to notice the doctor.


“Mandy, I’ll walk you to your quarters. I hope we have a chance to talk more, soon.
After a few silent steps in the semi-dark lane, Bristow answered.
“After chatting with you tonight, I’m going to make it a priority to keep a closer relationship with battalion headquarters.”
She looked up as they walked. Their eyes linked with no need for bright light. Russell’s right hand found her left.
His touch is light and gentle for such a powerful-looking man.
They were about fifty yards from the building that housed Mandy’s quarters. Russell squeezed her hand lightly and stopped, turning to face her.
When she looked up, he released her hand, touched her chin with his fingers and touched her lips with his as lightly as the landing of a butterfly.
“Night, doctor Mandy.”
A tiny tremble ran through her. She was unsure of her voice.
“Night, Major Vic.”
She went to bed wondering if her voice had quavered.
Maybe not.

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