Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | February 6, 2012

A Review of “Dagon’s Blood.”

Virginia Lee posted an interview on this blog some time ago. She has a new five-star review of her book on Amazon. Take a look. This is the review.
Set against the Jacobite Rising/Rebellion of 1745, Dagon’s Blood is the story of a young woman caught in the conflict engulfing her native Scotland and England.

Leigha Clairemont is a woman of extraordinary beauty. So striking is her loveliness that it is, at once, an asset and a liability. Men desire her to the extent of deadly clashes.

When English forces attack Clairemont manor, Leigha’s father–a known Jacobite–is killed and she is captured by an English captain named Simon Montieth. He calls her, “Little One.” She turns into what another man will later call her, “Tigress,” and leaves the captain for dead.

Dagon’s Blood takes Leigha from the manor house of Dagon, to the Island of Crete and the slave markets of Constantinople. Her loveliness enraptures three men who long to possess her–exclusively.

Virginia Lee has created a cast of characters in this book that may remind readers of the vast sweep of bygone epic movies. The men are truly masculine and the women, truly feminine–though strong as they need to be to survive in perilous times.

Several surprises await readers as secrets of the great families in Scotland and England are uncovered throughout the tale.

This is one of those unusual books that often make readers slow down toward the end, unwilling to leave their new land and friends.

Highly recommended.
I had to look up the Jacobite Rising/Rebellion to understand the setting of her story. It was worth the time.

Congratulations, Ginny!


  1. Oh my, very beautifully done! Thank you Thomas! I’ve happy tears!
    ~ Virginia Lee

  2. Congrats, Ginny, on the new 5 star review. Well earned and justly deserved!

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