Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | November 18, 2011

Meet Larry Kahn and the “King of Paine”

T.Hello Larry, thanks for dropping by Pinnacle Writing. The title of your book and the cover are intriguing. Please tell us more.

L. I’m Larry Kahn, author of The Jinx, a political thriller, and King of Paine, my new suspense novel. I’m a reformed attorney living in Atlanta with my wife and two sons.

T. When did you start writing?

L. I wrote a short story called “The 20-Year Jinx” in my freshman writing class in college. The idea percolated for almost twenty years before I wrote The Jinx while on sabbatical from work. The story revolves around a fictional 2000 presidential election, and I figured I had to get it to market before then or let the idea die.

T. Was there a favorite writing teacher or mentor? Tell us about him/her.

L. I was more inspired by great thriller authors like Frederick Forsyth and John Grisham than by any writing instructors. The leader of my critique group, David Darracott, an acclaimed short story writer working on his first thriller, has had a strong influence on my writing style of late.

T. Please tell us about your current book. What is the genre? Give us a thumbnail sketch.
L. King of Paine is a sexy, fast-paced suspense novel filled with characters who grapple with a range of intriguing end-of-life issues while everything they care about is at stake. The story follows two investigations, Special Agent Frank Paine’s pursuit of a stalker commiting a series of kinky Internet crimes and a reporter tracking the disappearance of wealthy senior citizens across the nation. Both paths lead to a hidden enclave where a brilliant biochemist harbors a deadly secret. Somebody is going to die there, and it may be Frank Paine’s soulmate. Or him.

T. Do you have a sequel or prequel in mind or in progress?

L. I started writing the book as a sequel to The Jinx, but a funny thing happened on the way to the finish line. My protagonist didn’t suit the story, so I scrapped the completed manuscript and did a major rewrite. I created a new protagonist with stronger motivation and a sketchy past. Frank Paine is a great character who could carry a series, but I don’t think his FBI pedigree will work in my next project.

T. What are your writing habits? Are you an outliner or do you write “by the seat of your pants?

L. A compulsive outliner. My plots tend to get complex and require quite a bit of brainstorming and research.

T. What are your ideas about the future of digital publishing?

L. With the flood of new novels going straight to market without quality control, readers are struggling to figure out whether it’s worth the time to sample indie-published work. I think mechanisms will develop over the next few years to help connect readers with quality indie fiction. One idea I’m toying with is co-branding with other thriller/suspense authors who consistently garner good reviews from reputable sources.

T. Anything else to share?

L. To celebrate the official launch of King of Paine, I recently announced a Kindle Touch 3G Giveaway Contest and a blog tour. The tour runs from December 1 – 21 and will feature reviews, interviews, and several guest posts on topics such as “Researching an FBI Story,” “Who Are You Chatting With?: The Dangers of Anonymous Internet Communications,” and “When Eye Candy Fights Back: Adding Depth to a Love Interest.” The Kindle contest is already underway and ends December 21st. Your readers can view details on my website,

T. Thank you for visiting. Best of luck with King of Paine. Reminder, readers, check out the website and maybe you’ll win s Kindle Touch 3G!

L. You’re welcome, and thank you for introducing me and my books to your readers. Best of luck with your novels, too!


  1. Very nice interview – I love to hear the writing habits of authors.

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