Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | September 5, 2011

An Enjoyable Short Read- “Surviving The Fall”

Following is a review I just posted on Amazon. The thriller is packaged with two intriguing short stories. For $.99 you can’t beat it.

Surviving the Fall is one of those rare books that makes the reader slow down toward the end because he/she doesn’t want to leave the people the author has introduced. Yes, the book is a thriller, complete with truly nasty bad guys and women. But it is ultimately the story of two people who need one another and, like many, have difficulty in truly connecting.

The protagonist, James Goodal, is a thirty-something man confronting the reality that his wife, his childhood sweetheart, has left him. He is a man working in a good, but unexciting job, a man who as his soon-to-be ex-wife taunted him, “…needs to be needed.”

Excitement arrives when a woman-child of fifteen comes flying from a speeding car into the street in front of him. Ashley Metcalf, fifteen going on forty, has been a street girl for years, a profession her mother forced on her. She needs help, she needs a friend and Goodal sees in her a cure for his loneliness.

Ashley gradually begins to accept Goodal’s hospitality and kindness. She begins to flourish and believe in herself as well as her benefactor.

Her casual sexuality, and her age, present conflicts in Goodal that lash him like whips of desire and self-denial. The two, despite their age differences, are enmeshed in a love that they must deny.

She has, lurking in her background, predators who will kill without compunction. Goodal is unaware of the danger her presence represents until it becomes a threat to both their lives.

Complicating their lives together, the State—with the best of intentions—will not accept Goodal and Ashley as they live together. Goodal’s self-righteous sister agrees.

Potter has given readers two unique and sympathetic characters that we come to know well. He has masterfully crafted their personalities and shows us their weaknesses and strengths by molding them through the situations they confront.

Readers will be satisfied, but will want more. Highly recommended.


  1. Looks enticing.

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