Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | August 4, 2011

Meet Virginia Lee – Author of “Dagon’s Blood”

T. Hello, thanks for coming by the blog.  Please Tell us a little about yourself.

V. I was born and reared in Michigan, the fourth of six children. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the Unites States, and have visited Canada and the Caribbean. Though I currently live in Ohio with my family, I can frequently be found in Mississippi these days, where I have a quiet place tucked aside for my writing. Other than writing almost daily my whole life, I have worked primarily in the field of treating alcoholism and drug abuse as well as having been a foster parent and mentor to teenagers. As such, my experiences have encompassed the heights and depths of the human spirit, which enrich my writing with the faith, courage, and hope that I have found and shared with so many.

T. When did you start writing?

V. Does setting stories and characters into action with a set of crayons at age 4 count? Or drawing pictures to fill in for words I didn’t know yet when I was five? When did my writing actually earn excellent critique? I was in the 5th grade when my teacher thought that I’d had a high school or college student write the composition that I had turned in. Perhaps I had some advantage in my early years due to often being ill and spending most of my time reading, writing, and editing! Oh, I’m still doing that! Seriously, I love words, spoken and unspoken. I’ve always delighted in the sound of them whispering stories to me through everything that life presents to me. As soon as I learned how to write, I was off and writing! I have always taken it seriously, with a dash of love and fun thrown in! As my journey in life progressed, I learned to further develop my writing skills as a tool of survival and creation that would uplift me through anything dark and enrich everything else with brilliant radiance. As such a mosaic of life and living is my interest, I write in many genres. Though I had to learn to live on this plane of reality, mankind’s earth, and to do so with positive energy and spirit; it is from my mind and heart, in my universe of words, that I truly live.

T. Tell us about your favorite writing teacher or mentor?

V. I was definitely blessed by having Mr. Harvey Hernandez as my fifth and sixth grade teacher. When we first met, he assigned a written report of our summer to be submitted by the end of the first week of school. I took my writings seriously even at this young age, and spent every moment I could on the composition. His response was to send a note home to my parents, an outraged message that I had cheated. He had assumed that I had gotten an older sibling to write it for me, one from high school or college. My mother joined me in conference and we proved that I had indeed done the work. I remember the gleam in his eye as he realized the truth we spoke. He was my teacher for the next 2 years and never let me produce less than he knew I was capable of, pushing me on to greater heights in my learning and stretching my abilities, not just in writing but in every aspect of education. I’ve never met such a fine teacher. He opened the universe for this thirsty mind and encouraged daring explorations! Thank you Mr. Harvey Hernandez!
T. Please tell us about your current book.

V. Dagon’s Blood, an historical fiction/romance, begins in Scotland, jaunts to Constantinople, then returns. Three men love Leigha: one marries her; one kidnaps her; and another steals her to sell to the sultan! The Dagons follow in hot pursuit as the Jacobite Rebellion weaves through the background. This story is packed with larger than life Scotsmen (and a pirate!), with action, drama, suspense, and betrayal! You will also find stirring passages of passion, moments of paranormal intuitions, and a surprising secret. You’ll keep turning the pages of this extraordinary journey; missing meals, work, and (as one reader reported) your own vacation!

T. Do you have a sequel or prequel in mind or in progress?

V. I am already working on the sequel where yet another young lass of the Dagon family is taken captive for revenge and of course, love blooms. This one will have many of the elements and characters of the first with a few newcomers and plot twists to challenge the readers. I’m thinking of putting a bit more of the paranormal into the mix and we will see what comes out!

T. What are your writing habits? Are you an outliner or do you write “by the seat of your pants?

V. I do a preliminary outline, a rough sketch of what I envision as the whole but the rest of the work evolves as I progress, with the characters often coming to life and dictating new courses of action and adventure! Sometimes even I don’t know what will happen until it has! At times like that, it is much more difficult to come back down to earth to the necessary mechanics of editing the ‘writer gone wild!’

T. What are your ideas about the future of digital publishing?

V. I believe that there is no limit to the horizon we are just glimpsing. As I see it, an analogy might be that we are perhaps in the 8 track stage of growth and development here. Since technology develops much faster now than it did then, there’s no telling what may come next. I’m excited! I must admit however that I enjoy the feel of curling up with a great book in my hands. Electronics just don’t equal that when I wish to truly step out of my own world and into another.

T. Anything else to share?

V. Though my published work is in the genre of historical fiction/romance, I write in many genres of fiction. I especially enjoy science fiction/fantasy as well as a great, heartfelt romance. All, of course, have at least a dash of love and a pinch of humor to them!

T. Thank you for visiting.
V. My pleasure Thomas. Thank you very much for this opportunity!


  1. Hi, Tom and Virginia. Great interview, it was lovely to get to know Virginia and a bit about her books (they sound fascinating!) Glad to have connected on Twitter with both of you!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Paul. I’ll be looking forward to your tweets.

  3. I have read so many of Mrs. Lee’s books that I feel as if I know her. Good article. Look forward to reading Dragon’s Blood. It is sure to be as great a read as her others.

    • Thanks Kris,

      I know Virginia will enjoy knowing that one of her faithful fans checked the interview.

  4. Wonderful interview, Thomas & Virginia! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve known Virigina just a couple of months via social media, but she is a special lady and now I know even more about her! I have purchased Dagon’s Blood and look forward to reading it because it has rave reviews and sounds so exciting…unfortunately I am selfish at the moment and my own efforts in publishing my backlist are taking over my life.
    Thank you for an informative and enjoyable read and I hope Dagon’s Blood soars!

  5. Thanks, Jill. Glad you enjoyed the interview. We’re glad you dropped by. Come again.

  6. Great Interview. Virginia pointed me here via a Twitter chat. Glad to learn a bit more about this wonderful lady.

    Best of luck to you both in your writing efforts!


  7. What a great book and a special lady! Can’t wait for the Sequel!

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