Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | June 25, 2011

Earlier Than Expected

Hello, the release of Where There Were No Innocents was originally scheduled for June 30th in all formats and on all ebook distribution  sites. I took Smashwords literally and uploaded yesterday. Surprise, Thomas, it published 6/24.  The book is $2.99 for the first month.

On Smashwords, I indicted that 20% (about 36 pages) should be available as a sample. I haven’t checked it yet, but that is probably what happened. That many pages will give readers a good feel for the book.

I’ve had good informal reviews from several readers, but none are posted yet. The book is, as I’ve written here before, the prequel to Piety and Murder. It is set in Vietnam (and occasionally across the border, in Laos) at the height of the war, 1967-1968. Yes, the time-frame includes the infamous Tet Offensive of ’68.  There’s a chapter devoted to Mack Brinson’s adventures on January 31, 1968.

The novel is fiction, but includes action that’s true-to-life for MACV-SOG and Vietnam in those years. I have described the book as a war story wrapped around a love story.

Take a look at the book, I hope you’ll enjoy it and the people as much as I do. It will be published on Amazon by the 30th.

Have a great weekend reading.

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