Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | May 18, 2011

Back to the Blog — Announcing the Prequel to “Piety and Murder.”

As many of you know, on 4/27 North Alabama was ravaged by an unprecedented string of tornados. We are grateful to have survived with little damage. Today is the first time I’ve had enough access to the Internet to update the blog.

During the last three weeks I’ve worked to complete the new novel, Where There Were No Innocents. The book is now in the final editing/polishing stage and should be published by the end of May. Following is a synopsis of the book and a draft cover (which may change based on input). Your comments on both the synopsis and cover are invited. This is the first time I’ve seen the draft cover on the Internet and realize adjustments need to be made.

Synopsis: Where There Were No Innocents

Mack Brinson is a hunted man. He is a Green Beret Captain assigned to the headquarters of MACV-SOG, the premier covert operations command in the Vietnam War. His duties include managing a wiretap program on North Vietnamese telephone lines along the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos and Cambodia.  The project is TOP SECRET but someone in the Communist power structure has connected Brinson directly to the strategy and targeted him for assassination.

Training SOG’s Recon Teams in the use of wiretap devices takes Brinson to the Forward Operations Base in Kontum where he meets an NCO, Jackson, who is destined to become one of his closest friends. On a mission into Laos with Jackson’s team, Brinson proves, with a fighting knife, that he is much more than a Saigon Commando. He earns the nickname, “Blade.”

In Saigon, he meets and falls deeply in love with a beautiful Eurasian woman, Song, the daughter of a Vietnamese intelligence operative. The Viet Cong attempts to get at Brinson by kidnapping Song and her mother. In a quick and decisive gun battle, Song’s father teams with Brinson to rescue the women. Knowing that the enemy is targeting Song, Brinson devises a solution that will keep her safe.

Surviving the Tet Offensive of ‘68 stands between him and a safe return to the U.S. In vicious street fighting, Brinson and his friends run a pre-dawn gauntlet of fire to get to their base and then race through pitched battles to rescue a wounded soldier. During the action, he discovers the man who has been feeding the Communists information that has led to the assassination attempts against him.

The Tet battles are not over when Brinson is sent back to Kontum to work, again, with Jackson. This time, they infiltrate behind the lines into Laos, setting an ambush on a Communist truck convoy intent on bringing out looted valuables from the ancient palace in Hue. As the team is en route to their exfiltration landing zone, they stumble across a killing field. Someone has waylaid the North Vietnamese thieves who had looted Hue. The twenty-three men have been murdered and subjected to ghastly mutilation.

After the mission, Brinson is preparing to return to the U.S. He will fly to Thailand and pick up Song before going home. His plans are almost destroyed when the secret Viet Cong controller, who had been watching him and relaying information to the Communists, tries to kill him, swearing gruesome butchery before death.


  1. Nice blog! Glad to know you have come through the ravages of the South! Ron

    • Thanks, Ron. We were blessed and protected. Our little inconveniences are so small compared to the devastation others experienced. Thanks again for your words.

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