Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | March 19, 2011

Fettucini and Chicken with Tequila – Lime Sauce

Ingredient List
  • Chicken breasts as needed, cooked and cubed (large cubes)
  • Spinach Fettucini, cooked
  • Red/yellow & green bell peppers, sliced (some should be complete circles for garnish)
  • Tequila, relatively small amount for flavor
  • Lime juice, generous amount (fresh if possible)
  • Soy sauce
  • Half and half
  • Olive oil, as needed
  • ———————————————————————————————–


Heat serving plates and set aside.
In a large skillet, heat olive oil.
Sauté peppers until they begin to soften; add tequila, stir.
Add lime juice, stir.
Add soy sauce, stir.
When ingredients combine, add chicken breast chunks and stir until liquid cooks down a bit.
Add half and half (just enough so the sauce will coat the pasta) cook briefly until ingredients combine.
Pour over pasta and stir to coat. Serve immediately.


  1. I finally got to try this for dinner tonight and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for posting it.

    • Hi. Thanks for the comment. We love it with a crisp, dry white wine.

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