Posted by: Thomas Drinkard | November 14, 2010

Interview with Melissa Ecker–Author of Seduction in Memory Grove

I’m pleased to introduce Melissa Ecker whose Seduction in Memory Grove series will be published December 1st by LazyDay Publishing.

T. Hello, please give us a bit of biography to start.

M. Well, I’m your average girl living in the South. I’m a wife, a mom, a freelance legal assistant and a writer. It probably goes without saying that my hobbies consist mostly of reading and writing. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I love good coffee.

T. When did you start writing?

M. I started writing stories and poetry when I was a teenager, then life got in the way. Between school, work and family, there wasn’t much time left for writing. A few years ago I made the transition from full time legal assistant to independent contractor working from home. This move afforded me the time and opportunity to really cultivate my craft. It’s been a labor of love ever since.

T. Was there a favorite writing teacher or mentor?

M. Any teacher who incorporated reading into the curriculum was a favorite for me. I have to credit my mother with getting me started on reading, though. I was reading cereal boxes at the age of four and I still remember my first reading book in kindergarten, May I Come In. My love of reading started there.

T. Please tell us about your current book.

M. My erotic romance series, Seduction in Memory Grove, consists of three novellas entitled Pull the Trigger, Mount Up and Feed the Fire. These are the stories of three very different women living in the small Arkansas town of Memory Grove. These stories chronicle their romantic relationships and the impact that love has on their lives and their individual struggles to achieve their happily-ever-afters.

T. Do you have a sequel or prequel in mind or in progress?

M. At this point, my series is complete. However, I am not ruling out the possibility of giving a voice to more of the residents of Memory Grove.

T. What are your ideas about the future of digital publishing?

M. While I believe that there will always be books in print, I see digital publishing nudging its way to the forefront. In this day and age of convenience and instant gratification provided by the Kindle, Nook and iPad, I think it’s inevitable that more and more people will gradually make the switch to digital.

T. Anything else to share?

M. I want to thank you, Tom, for taking the time to interview me and giving me the opportunity to share some insight about myself and my work!

T. Thank you for sharing.


  1. Another great interview! Looking forward to reading the Memory Grove series, Melissa!

  2. I cannot wait to read your stories Melissa! I love the south and I have a soft spot for Arkansas AND I love erotic romances so Seduction in Memory Grove is on my “TBR” list!

  3. Great interview! I have to say that i’m looking forward to this series a lot Melissa!

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